Booking confirmation

After your booking, we send you a booking confirmation. As a client you are responsible to check, if the content of the booking confirmation matches with what you have booked. In case of an eventual mistake, you have to contact the Gullbrannagården as soon as possible. 

Booking fee

If you book a camp space in advance, you have to pay the additional booking fee of 100sek,  If you book online, you don´t have to pay this fee. 

When does the booking become binding?

The booking is binding, as well for you as for Gullbrannagården, when you have received the booking confirmation and the first payment is made, but latest 10 days after the booking. 

Open purchase during 10 days

You have the right of return during 10 days, provided that there are still more than 55 days until your arrival. 

Age limit for booking and entry

In order to book at Gullbrannagården, which means to enter into a contract, you have to be at least 18 years old. Meeting the age limit is a requirement for the entry to the campsite or the accommodation. 

An identification can be requested at check-in.

Gullbrannagården doesn´t accept credit card purchase with persons under 18 years. We reserve the right to refuse your purchase in special cases or to change it (for instance if incorrect information has been given about the person or payment defaults are existing).

Customer data

When you book at Gullbrannagården, you are asked to provide certain information about your person. You are responsible for, that the data you filled in, is correct and complete. Gullbrannagården keeps your data in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.


If you buy on the website, we apply the prices stated on the website. The total cost for your booking is mentioned in the last stage of the booking, and as well on the order confirmation, which we send to the mailadress that you mentioned in the booking.

If you purchase by phone or via email, we apply the prices which are named by our staff. You find the total cost of your booking on the order confirmation which we send to your email address. 

All the mentioned prices are in Swedish crowns (sek), VAT included.


The payment consists of a deposit and a settlement. The deposit is the first payment and is 30% of the booking value, however at least 500 sek. The deposit must be paid within ten days of placing the order. The settlement is the rest amount for the booking and will be paid 45 days before arrival. 

With a booking which is made less than 45 days before arrival, the total amount is to be paid immediately, unless otherwise agreed.

Late or no payment:

If, despite a reminder, you do not pay the entire amount in time, this will be considered a cancellation from your part, and in this case the cancellation rules apply. 

When you pay the bill, you give the OCR-number which is written on the bill. 

Guests who come from another country than Sweden, use the following IBAN-number:

Swiftadress: NDEA SESSS

IBAN: SE 57 3000 0000 0313 0170 0037

Cancellation and cancellation fee

If you cancel before the expiry date of the deposit, there is no charge for debiting. 

If you cancel more than 10 days after the day of the booking, Gullbrannagården keeps a cancellation fee which is calculated based on how many days are left before the arrival. 

This fee is the following percentage of the total cost:

  • cancellation more than 45 days before arrival = 20% of the total amount
  • cancellation between 44 and 12 days before arrival = 50% of the total amount
  • cancellation 11-12 days before arrival = 75% of the total amount
  • cancellation 1-0 days before arrival = 100% of the total amount

Cancellation protection

You can protect yourself against the cancellation fee if you buy a cancellation protection. This must be bought when booking the accommodation/camp space. The price is 125 sek. 

With a cancellation protection, all costs will be reimbursed –  except the costs of the cancellation protection –  if a cancellation occurs due to the following events:

  • death, illness, serious accident involving yourself, your wife/husband, life partner, your or her/his parents, children, siblings or travel partners
  • another serious event happens that is beyond your control and which you could not have foreseen when you booked. This means that it`s not appropriate to maintain the booking. Example for these cases are fire or flooding in your home

If the cancellation protection is used, the cancellation can be made up to the day of arrival. These reasons must be documented on request, e.g. with a certificate from a doctor, an authority or an insurance company. This proof should reach us before repayment is possible and at the latest 30 days after the cancellation date. 


An eventual repayment takes place without unnecessary delay, at the latest 14 days from the day on which it is determined, that you have the right to repayment. The repayment will be made to the account number you specified. 

Proper behaviour

If you or someone in your travel company violates Gullbrannagårdens rules, Gullbrannagården has the right to expel you and your travel company from the campsite. In this case, you lose your right to use the purchased accommodation or to get the paid amount back. 

Arrival and departure

The arrival is from 3.00 p.m. onwards and departure latest at 2.00 pm.


The following is not included in the price of accommodation: cleaning, bed linen, towels or cot, unless stated in the confirmation or on the invoice. Before departure, the accommodation is cleaned in accordance with the cleaning instructions that are advertised in the accommodation. 

If you leave the accommodation uncleaned, you will be charged for the cleaning costs afterwards. 

Cleaning can be ordered before arrival or at the check in at Gullbrannagården. 

Prices for the cleaning:

  • Västkuststuga 1000 sek
  • Campingstuga 700 sek
  • apartment 700 sek
  • room 500 sek

Camping Key Europe

Gullbrannagården is a SCR-campsite. This means that all the guests who live in a caravan, mobile home or tent on a SCR-campsite, must have a campingcard.

The price for this campingcard is 160 sek. This card is charged with different benefits, discounts and insurances. 

Charge the camping card you bought with the “App My Camping Key” which you can get here:

My Camping Key for Android

My Camping Key for Iphone