Gullbrannagården is a campsite which is open all the year around and is situated in a good position South of Halmstad. There is something for everyone and we welcome both new and old guests equally. In summer there is a big summer program in Gullbrannagården with activities and meetings for adults and children. We want you to meet nice people and have good memories when you return home. We have guests from all over Sweden, the rest of the Nordic countries and Europe. 

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Camping i Halland

Gullbrannagården has 350 camping spaces for tents, caravans and mobile homes with a parking on the property. The sections are 100-130 square meters big and all have electricity. Most of the sections have even water and sewage connection. 

Secure your space booking before your arrival. Choose your space already today in our onlinebooking or contact us, so that we can recommend you the perfect space. Gullbrannagården offers drop-in-spaces all the year around. At your arrival we choose together the perfect place, where you can enjoy your summer nights. 

Camping spaces on the West Coast

The camping spaces in Gullbrannagården are situated on the edge of a forest. They are centrally located, but even quiet. The spaces have electricity, water and sewage connection. These spaces are for mobile homes, because they have an extra easy entry and exit. Of course, you may even book on the other area of the camp site, but this is the easy and comfortable alternative for you as a mobile home owner. 

Book your holiday week with us in Gullbrannagården. Book your camp space on info@gullbrannagå or call us with the phone number (0046) – 35 – 24 12 100.

Family camping on the seaside

About 800 meters from the campsite there is the long and child-friendly sandy beach. Along the beach, there are nice hiking trails and bike paths. Go biking on the newly created Kattegattleden.  Go from Gullbrannagården to Swedens biggest shopping-center called Gekås in Ullared, to the amusement park Liseberg, the fortress of Varberg, to Båstad and maybe even to Copenhagen. 

Gullbrannagåren offers a big summer program with activities for the whole family. During the summer season, there are daily meetings and activities for a completely successful holiday. Enjoy the concerts, gatherings, meetings about important topics, boat race in the brook, children meetings, sports week, choir days for children, gospel week and more.

Camping in Halmstad

Bring your whole family in summer for a camping adventure in Gullbrannagården. Come with your tent, caravan or mobile home and enjoy our clean service house, a lot of space, delicious food and activities for all the family. You can book your summer camping from february onwards in the same year. 

Facilities on the site

There is a restaurant on the campsite which is open daily during the summer season. We serve a dish of the day, pizza, a la carte, coffee with homemade cookies, taco buffet and much more. On the site you find a grocery store where you can buy fresh bread every morning. You can even buy ice-cream, newspapers and all you need for your camping life.

Play a round of minigolf and test your ice-cream from the ice-cream kiosk. During the night we have caretakers on the campsite so that you can sleep peacefully and safely.

The campsite Gullbrannagården has three tidy service houses where you find a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, stove, oven and microwave. The showers are tiled and the toilets are cleaned several times a day during the high season. In the service house Solängen, there is an extra dining room next to the kitchen and even a terrace where you can enjoy a nice dinner.

All year round camping in Halmstad

People are always looking for new forms of living and one of the trends is the all year round camping. On the site, one of the three service houses is open all year round and here you can use the washing-machine, toilets, showers and the washing-up-area.

In Gullbrannagården you find the service house with the basic equipment. The guests who live in caravans or mobile homes bring their own needs. 

Contact Magnus Bylander, the contact person for the campsite, before you start the all year round camping holidays. Send us an email to info@gullbrannagå or call us with the phone number (0046) – 35 – 241 21 00.

Campingcard – My Camping Key

Gullbrannagården is a campsite which is connected to SCR (branch organisation for Swedish entrepreneurs who operate a campsite). This means that all the guests with a tent, caravan or mobile home, who are on SCR-campsites, are registered with the organization Svensk Camping (Swedish Camping). 

To become registered, you have to buy a camping-id or buy a camping-card, which is called Camping Key Europe. Camping Key Europe is valid in all Europe and this card has different benefits, discounts and insurances. The price for the membership is 199 SEK per year and the card  is valid for 12 months from the date of the activation onwards. 

An active Camping Key Europe gives you the following:

  • advantageous discount and special offers on local and national level
  • discount for the camping on about 2500 campsites in the whole of Sweden and Europe
  • a liability insurance and an accident insurance to protect your whole family in the case of an accident
  • you get the camping catalog called Svensk Camping (Swedish Camping) in your letter-box
  • fast check-in and check-out at all the SCR-camp sites 
  • a digital logbook shows which campsites in Sweden you have been to
  • newsletter with inspiration on the subject camping

You can order your camping card and pay by clicking on the picture below. Afterwards, you have the camping card digitally in your mobile in the form of an app called “My Camping Key”. You can download it from Google Play or App Store.

If your mobile is not a so-called Smartphone, you can even download the card as a PDF.