Gullbrannagården is a campsite on the West Coast of Sweden that offers activities and meetings for the whole family every day. In the high season e.g. we offer fun for all children with the Kullaget. The 9-12 year old ones enjoy TiTo.  All teenagers can feel the vibe at  daily summer pulse. During the weeks 25-33, we offer quiz rounds, boat races in the brook, as well as other exciting games and activities. There is always something new and always something going on. 

Gullbrannagården also has a program of concerts, community singing, meetings about important topics, evening vespers and breakfast for women. 

From the 25th to the 33rd week, you can worship and go to the evening  church service. 

The summer program is continuously updated until the beginning of summer.  On our homepage, you can see in the summer program what exactly will happen in your holiday week. Come to the meetings and activities with your family. Enjoy the sea and the beach and find a suitable accommodation in the Gullbrannagården. 

Our entertainers embellish the summer week with activities, games and meetings. Every week, there are new group leaders who arrange their favorite games and adventures. 

During the weeks 25-31, there is also a pastor in Gullbrannagården who offers a Bible study in the morning and an evening prayer in the evening. This is an offer for anyone looking for an answer or who just wants to talk to someone. 

On several days in summer, we offer evening vespers with exciting readers and snacks. More information about the guests will appear later on our homepage.

Summer church in Gullbrannagården

In Gullbrannagården, there are meetings in the church during all summer, both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning at 10 am Bible study and at 10 pm evening service. A pastor is also on site during summer.  He is available to answer your questions or hold a conversation. At the rest of the year, the church of the Gullbrannagården is used of the “Gullbranna Free Church”. Many of our guests appreciate the moments in the summer church.

Week 25: Midsummer week

From Thursday to Sunday (18th to 21st of june) there is a big Midsummer celebration in the Gullbrannagården. Dance to the traditional song “små grodorna” (in English: little frogs) around the midsummer pole, tie a wreath of flowers and put it on your head. Buy a piece of the delicious midsummer cake. Family activities take place in a quiet and peaceful environment. 

On Midsummer Day, Lars Rudebjer opens  his exhibition. Lars Rudebjer has been marking illustration for many years, especially for childrens´ books and school books. He has illustrated more than 50 picture books with his own texts and texts from others. Last year, Lars devoted himself to watercolor painting,which was always close to his heart. Lars has also published a photo book with nature motifs. In the exhibition, you can see the result of Lars` work with the brush and you can also purchase highly qualified printed pictures of these watercolors. 

Week 26: Family and gospel week

The gospel week is a week with singing, fun and community. You can sing gospels for 6 hours from Monday to Saturday. On Saturday evening, the result of the training and the fun can be seen in a final concert in Gullbrannagårdens concert venue Skeppet (in English: the ship). Several artists are waiting for you with wonderful songs. This week is led by Anki and Magnus Spångberg, Pelle Ankarberg and others.

Price: 1150 sek

This price includes the following: the costs for the exercises and practising with our fantastic choir leaders, daily morning coffee and a light meal on Saturday evening. 

Of course, there is more besides gospel this week. On Wednesday, Martina Möllås and Ola Hadén invite you to a concert in the church. Mikael Celinder is the pastor of this week and shares his thoughts with you. 

Week 27: Gullbranna Festival

Due to the Covid-19 the Gullbrannafestival is cancelled in 2020 and it will be held in 2021 instead.

Between the 2nd and the 5th of July, it is time again for the Gullbranna Festival. This festival is organized by the SAM (Swedish Alliansmission, youth group) together with Gullbrannagården and others. The Gullbranna Festival is a meeting place with God and people. Here you are inspired and invited into Christian belief. Here you can hear the best music, meet friends and enjoy the beach and the sea.

The guests of this year are the winner of Idol 2017 called Chris Kläfford,  and Faith Kakembo who was one of the contestants of the Melody Festival 2020. Read more about the festival and see the whole program. 

From Monday to Thursday, the entertainers organize activities for everyone under the instruction of Andreas Joakimsson. Pastor Daniel Röjås holds the church services and evening worships this week. 

Week 28: Family and sports week

The sports week is full of physical activities and challenges. You can choose between football school, indoor hockey, beach handball, cycling, shooting, dancing, gymnastics and orientering. The sports week is organized by Gullbrannagården and Sport for Life. A week for young and old, which gives you a great feeling of togetherness as a family. Many outdoor activities and exciting challenges. 

Pastor of this week is Peter Bernhardsson.

Week 29: Family week

The 29th week is a week full of fun, games and meetings for the whole family. This week Kullaget will be led by a group of entertainers from Åsarp. Marcus Olsson is the pastor of this week. 

Week 30: Family week 

The entertainers of this week come from Vårgårda. They tell exciting stories in Kullaget and sing songs under the summer sun. The 30th week is a great family week for everyone. There are various activities and meetings for the whole family to enjoy, including the sea and the beach. 

Vecka 31 Family week with writing course

Between the 28th and the 30th of July, Inger Lundin will hold a writing course in Gullbrannagården. This course gives you the tools and tips for how to make writing fun. 

You receive help and develop your talent for writing. 

The entertainers of this week are Sara Moensjö with friends. They invite to quiz-walks, boatrace in the brook and other exciting adventures. On Wednesday evening, a  moving evening vesper for men and women with Simon Hägkvist. He speaks about the topic “The girls who run – about the forgotten side of human trafficking”. 

From the 27th to 29th of July, Johan Lunden´s interesting course “How to take pictures with the mobile phone”. 

Week 32: Camp for teenagers and family week

This week the SAM (Svenska Alliansmission) holds a camp for teenagers. 1000 teenagers and leaders have activities and meetings with friends and God. Program and more information about the booking for the camp for teenagers. 

This week, we even offer meetings for children and activities in the park.