In  Gullbrannagården, there are three youth hostels called Bojen, Hallandslängan and Lägergården. These hostels are well equipped and offer space for both private individuals and larger or smaller groups and companies. The house Bojen is bookable all year round. In the hostels Hallandslängan and Lägergården the rooms are rented nightly in the summer months. 

In a youth hostel you not only have a comfortable stay, but you also meet new people. You only share your room with those who wish to. You will meet the other guests in the lounge, on the terrace, in front of the house and in the kitchen and socialize with them. The rooms in the youth hostel have different sizes and you only pay for the beds you use in your room. This means that 3 people in a 5-bed room only pay for 3 beds. The other beds remain empty during the time that you booked the room.

Youth hostel and common areas

All guests share the kitchen and the common room in the youth hostel. The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery and cutlery, pots and everything you need for cooking. You find a stove, an oven, refrigerator and freezer in all youth hostels. There is also a dishwasher in the hostels Bojen and Lägergården.

In the living rooms you can sit on the sofas and watch TV together. 

You share the bathroom with other guests of the youth hostel. There are areas for women and men with toilets and showers. In the largest hostel called Hallandslängan, there are several departments. All houses have bathrooms that are suitable for the disabled. 

The youth hostel Bojen

The youth hostel Bojen is the smallest youth hostel in Gullbrannagården. House Bojen is a low yellow building, which is located by a bubbling brook near the church. Bojen has 9 two-bed rooms, all with bunk bed and private bathroom with sink and toilet. The showers for women and men are located in the hallway. From the bright and cozy living room with sitting area and television you come to the covered veranda and the meadow. The fully equipped kitchen next to the living room also has a dishwasher. 

The house Bojen is suitable for smaller companies, and is often booked by sports clubs, small confirmation groups or larger families. With accommodation in the hostel Bojen, you can book full- or half board in Gullbrannagårdens restaurant.

Bojen is rented all year round and you can stay here for one or more days. 

The youth hostel Hallandslängan

Hallandslängan is an elongated house with 18 rooms and a total of 87 beds. .There are 2 bunk beds and a single bed in 17 rooms. The 18th room is a twin room with 2 single beds. Each room has a sink. There are shared showers and toilets in the hallway. The kitchen and the living room with television are also shared. A large meadow next to the house invites you to meet or play. 

Gullbrannagården recommends house Hallandslängan for school classes, clubs and confirmation groups. There is plenty of space to cook and this accomodation can be combined with cabins, rooms or camping spaces. This is an inexpensive alternative. The building is partially accessible to people with disabilities, which means that e.g. wheelchair users can stay here. 

In the summer season, the hostel Hallandslängan is used as a youth hostel and the rooms are rented by night. 


The youth hostel Lägergården

The youth hostel Lägergården is a large red house with a total of 44 beds, divided into 10 four-bed and 2 two-bed rooms. In each room there are two bunk beds for 4 people. In one double room there is a bunk bed and in the other room there is a bunk bed with the lower part wider. 

In the building you will find a large kitchen, a lounge where everyone can meet and a small living room. This one has a bed sofa and can be used as a bedroom if required. The department with the bedrooms is a separate wing of the hostel Lägergården and has both a women and a men section with toilets and showers. There is also a disabled toilet and shower. 

The kitchen of the Lägergården is so big, that you can cook food for up to 100 people. The meeting room accommodates up to 80 people who can sit and eat at the same time. 

The Lägergården is surrounded by greenery and on the other side of the brook, there is a large green area for tents and caravans, which increases the capacity of the Lägergården. And if that is not enough, part of the group can also stay in rooms or cabins in other parts of the Gullbrannagården. 

The rooms are rented by night from may to september. 

The Lägergården is perfect for school classes, clubs and confirmation groups all year round. You can book the whole Lägergården even in summer. A dream comes true, when you spend the wonderful summer by the sea with the whole family, your friends, your sports team or the whole community.

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